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Our pets really miss us when we are away at work! Pets who are left home alone can suffer from separation anxiety and other stress-related emotional disorders which can result in destructive behavior like chewing, scratching and soiling, as well as some physical problems. A happy pet is a healthy pet, so give your cherished pet the care and attention it so richly deserves.

We are located in Gahanna, Ohio and welcome dogs from all over the Columbus, Ohio area.

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We offer supervised daycare in an indoor/outdoor "cage free" environment for your dog.


Going on a trip? Relax and rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.


Keep your pet looking their best with our grooming services.


It is achievable with our help.

Today's Pooch Tip!

Hairless Dogs: Not Necessarily a Good Choice for People with Allergies

People mistakenly believe that the few breeds of dogs with no hair might be good choices for those with allergies to dogs, but just the opposite is true. These dogs still have the two things which people are allergic to: skin - which sheds dead cells, or dander and saliva, which they deposit on their skin when licking themselves.